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In 1978, a trio of visionaries etched their names in the annals of design history. Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto, and Sandra Severi founded Luceplan and earned a place in the contemporary canon of Italian design. Each of their designs are the very definition of transformative. Reminding us art and technology are inseparable, because the Luceplan ethos has always been to create lights that inspire and endure, both in design and durability. Imbued with layered meanings and profound context that lend gravitas and intrigue to any space with that bright touch of Luceplan magic.

Luceplan's innovative lighting designs have garnered widespread recognition. The company has received a multitude of awards, including the prestigious Compasso d'Oro and Red Dot Design Award, as well as being honored by Design Plus Frankfurt, GoodDesign Chicago, and the European Community Design Prize. Each award reconfirming that Luceplan creates pieces for the ages.

Today, Luceplan remains a beacon of thoughtful ingenuity, aesthetic prowess and technological experimentation. Every aspect of their operation is a testament to this — from the initial sketches to the ultra-fine engineering that makes solid structures float on air. Illuminating spaces with enduring elegance and innovation. Inviting you to reconsider the very essence of light and its role in the tapestry of your environments. Whether you’re looking for a stunning pendant in your living room or a remarkable table lamp for your home office, Luceplan craft visual narratives where light is not just seen but experienced.

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