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Immerse yourself in our collection of living furniture - from sofas that are modular and customisable to coffee tables and lighting

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A place for communality and celebration, as well as the everyday — our collection of dining furniture will elevate any space.

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A place for transformative rest and rejuvenation, our elevated bedroom furniture will turn your sanctuary into an oasis of calm.

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A carefully curated selection that unfolds like chapters in the legacy of Italian design, innovation and connection



Each of our highly customisable sofas offer a plush sanctuary for your cherished moments, shared stories and restful indulgence

MISURA is proud to partner with some of the most respected Italian designer furniture brands working today. Since 2013, we have been invested in curating a collection of high-end furniture from Italy that embodies the essence of contemporary living.

MISURA is your gateway to the epitome of European sophistication. We are dedicated to the principles of timeless luxury and innovative design while harmonising with modern Australian lifestyles. Offering heirloom pieces that make grand statements but are crafted to endure. From the sleek elegance of upmarket Italian sofas to the refined comfort of designer chairs and luxury dining tables. All customisable, too — allowing you to blend Italian sophistication with your personal aesthetic. Ensuring your new interior seamlessly blends with your own unique style.

Explore online then visit our Sydney or Melbourne showrooms and experience the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship for yourself. Our in-house design consultants are on-hand to help you find the perfect piece that aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

Design Service

MISURA offers a personalised interior design service that is tailored to your preferences, space and budget. Our in-house design consultants are all dedicated experts. Ready to guide you through our vast range of contemporary Italian furniture and find those special pieces that align with your vision and budget. Leveraging 3D virtual interior design technology, we provide a unique opportunity to visualise and refine your dream interiors before you commit to making them real. This personalised approach ensures a seamless and highly customised design experience. Allowing you to create a bespoke space that truly reflects your unique tastes and lifestyle.

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