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Driade is a jewel in the heart of Italy's design heritage and we're proud to be an exclusive source for Driade in Australia. What started as a family affair has turned into an international success story that continues to deliver. Co-founded in 1968 by architect Enrico Astori, his sister Antonia Astori and his wife Adelaide Acerbi, whose background in theatre design influenced the brand’s playful aesthetic.

Unlike any other furniture brand in the world, Driade balance art with practical, daily use. At once eclectic, eccentric but also elegant. Timeless and, above all, joyful. Seamlessly blending art and functionality in ways that have become unique and distinctive to Driade.

Few other furniture brands have given rise to so many milestones of design. All linked to Driade’s aesthetic laboratory. Based on the idea that eclecticism, a blend of cultures, curiosity and surprise are the true essence of our age. A proposition Driade made truly powerful by working almost exclusively with renowned designers and architects, cultural personalities and icons. Their roster of design talent includes Philippe Starck and Ron Arad, Rodolfo Dordoni and Patricia Urquiola, Enzo Mari and so many others. Perhaps most remarkable of all is Fabio Novembre, who started as a designer for the brand before he moving on to become Driade’s Artistic Director. Cementing their reputation as a brand for designers, by designers.

Driade has won multiple Compasso d’Oro awards — amongst others — and is regarded as a global ambassador of contemporary Italian style. Their work is undeniably inspiring. Even a documentary has been filmed called L'Adelaide — focusing on Adelaide Acerbi and the Driade brand. Needless to say, their reputation as creatives and wonderful, passionate people is the stuff of design legend. From stylish homes, gardens, prestigious offices and public spaces – Driade pieces can be seen all around the world and are truly iconic.

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