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The story of Cattelan Italia unfolds as a chronicle of dedication, finesse and a quest for excellence. Founded in 1979 by husband and wife, Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, the brand has gracefully evolved over time. Transforming from a modest family business into a global icon of style and quality. Embodying daring minimalism and contemporary refinement in every piece.

All designed and made in Italy, Cattelan Italia was nurtured by Silvia's cultured sensibilities and Giorgio’s entrepreneurial flair. Carried forward from his childhood steeped in the rich and earthy scents of wood shavings from his father's workshop. All laying the groundwork for a brand that has now become synonymous with contemporary Italian furniture design. At the forefront of innovation, with a deep reverence for the integrity of materials.

Now guided by Giorgio’s son, Paolo, Cattelan Italia maintains its focus on beauty born from functionality. Marked by the brand’s fresh take on tradition through a decades long list of remarkable pieces crafted by a tight-knit community of Italian collaborators. Renowned designers who bring these ‘Made in Italy’ creations to life with the ageless vigour of Italian style. Captured in every curve and line to ensure their pieces do more than fill spaces — they enrich them.

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